About LoadAccess

At LoadAccess, we deliver IT solutions that enable companies to manage complex business relationships in a fast-paced transportation environment. We do this by combining our extensive experience in freight management and logistics, with our vast knowledge of the latest programming and software development.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, exceeding their expectations, and consistently providing outstanding service. We recognize that our success is solely dependent on how well we help our clients succeed in today's challenging marketplace.


What We Have to Offer:



IT & Software Consultations

We rely on cutting-edge technology to deliver software to your business. This helps us solve any of your IT challenges.


Software Development

Our in-depth programming knowledge allows us to provide the best and most cost-effective custom software services.


Graphics & Web Development

Our services can easily be extended to include complete website, logo, and graphic designs that meet your specific needs.


Secure Server Hosting

Our LoadAccess app is web-based, meaning that your data can be hosted and maintained on our secure servers.


Easy-to-Use Services

LoadAccess is easy-to-use, accessible, and is easy to set up. LoadAccess can be used online or on our app.


Web-Based Software

Our software can be easily accessed from any location with wifi by going to loadaccess.com and logging in to your account.



Why LoadAccess Is Right for You:

LoadAccess is an impressive piece of software that allows companies and carriers to book shipments. Constant communication is available to you with any company, whether they’re in our LoadAccess database or not. You can enter available loads and trucks daily, that are made available to the LoadAccess network.

We have developed a web-based software that is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you can stay connected to the shipments you have booked. You’ll never have to worry about cross-border shipments either because LoadAccess specializes in shipments anywhere in North America.

With LoadAccess you don’t have to worry about any flat fees or packages because your payment plan is created specifically for you based on the features you want. This way you can create your own package based on what is applicable to you. This way you only pay for features that are useful to you and your business. In addition to being a web-based software, LoadAccess is also an app on your mobile device, offering the same features.