Load & Order Board

See different carriers, find rates, and enter orders for your freight.

Track Your Orders

Know the location of your shipment at any time using GPS.

Client & Carrier Management (CRM)

Manage customer and carrier interactions from any location.

Bills of Lading & Finance Module

Input Bills of Lading and Proof of Delivery instantly to pay quicker.


Load & Order Board

With LoadAccess, customers post their load lists and send them to their customized email contact list. This information can be posted publicly on LoadAccess as well. This feature allows you to search loads that are compatible with their backhauls, which allows customers to find the best rates possible for their specific loads. Once you are satisfied with your choice in carrier or customer, LoadAccess representatives will electronically place an order on your behalf. With our Load & Order Board, LoadAccess increases productivity and reduces the time needed to search for loads and rates.

Track Your Orders

Are you sick of calling your broker every 15 minutes to find out the location of your designated truck? LoadAccess has a tracking feature that uses GPS to allow the customer access to their freights location. You can now track every corner the truck has turned if you want to. This feature allows customers to get a better idea of when their shipment will arrive, reducing phone calls and increasing customer satisfaction and transparency.

Client & Carrier Management

Our software facilitates and tracks our client's B2B in-house requests and communications. LoadAccess Freight Management Information System can facilitate order management, client and carrier management, processing, data migration, activity analysis and incentive calculations. This leads to an effective use of time and manpower for your business. LoadAccess improves the accuracy of the important information that your company needs in order to operate smoothly. This aspect of LoadAccess allows for more coordination and efficiency in all aspects of your business.

Bills of Lading & Finances

LoadAccess creates your Bill of Lading directly from order entry. This is organized and creates a clearer understanding of the specified terms of each of your shipments. This feature ensures that all parties are in agreement about each of your orders. We also provide financial modules that keep track of your company's finances. These financial modules, combined with the other CRM features available in LoadAccess, allow your company to better keep track of your shipments and orders. LoadAccess will maximize your revenue and profitability by handling expenses quicker.


Other Features

Notifications Framework

Get notified when someone posts their load list and search other load lists.

MIS & Employee Analysis

Generate reports and rate your employee or carrier satisfaction levels.

Canadian & U.S. Customs

Generate Canadian or US Customs invoices from the click of a button.

Manage POD's & E-Quotations

Keep track of your deliveries and gain the ability to make quotes on your shipments.

Integration with Quickbooks

Save time on invoicing, bookkeeping and billing.




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